Remedying the global crisis of extreme poverty and inequality calls for accountability and focused measures. By investing our resources into projects that have both an immediate impact and a long-term outlook, we aim to break the cycle of crisis by providing a framework for sustainable benefits while addressing the root causes of extreme poverty.

SVQF engages in tangible philanthropy in that we provide practical solutions that produce concrete results.

Although we believe that education is at the core of the well-being and success of communities, we also believe that communities cannot focus on education when families are unable to meet basic needs such as:

  • Adequate nutrition
  • Safe, clean water
  • Access to basic health services
  • Livelihoods that can generate an income to meet these basic needs

Through close partnerships with reputable organizations that have proven track records and expertise, SVQF provides comprehensive, multi-faceted means of overcoming these critical problems so that families can be healthy and children can learn.