Medical mission to rural Kenya

SVQF launched, organized, and funded a medical mission by The Paul Chester Children’s Hope Foundation (PCCHF) to Free The Children’s clinic in Kenya’s Narok South District, a rural and impoverished area where there are no doctors, dentists, or medical consultants available to serve the district’s 53,000 inhabitants. The team, which was specifically tailored to meet the district’s most pressing medical needs, consisted of a telemedicine specialist, two orthopedic surgeons, an ophthalmologist, a pediatrician, a dentist, a dental assistant, a nurse, and the PCCHF founder. Over the course of 2 days, the medical mission team saw 400 patients with issues ranging from respiratory infections to severe birth defects.

New community development project

Following the success of the Salabwek community development project, SVQF has launched a new community development project in Osenetoi, a Masai village living in extreme poverty in rural Kenya. The project will provide health care, primary education, safe water and sanitation, and an income-generating program for the 2,000 inhabitants of the village.

Doc2Dock shipment of medical supplies and equipment to permanent clinic in rural Kenya

SVQF funded the shipment of nearly 21,000 pounds of medical equipment and supplies valued at $297,379 to Kenya. The supplies are being used to fully equip the permanent medical clinic built by Free The Children to serve the Narok South District of Kenya’s Masai Mara, where until now there have been no doctors, dentists, or medical consultants available to provide health care to the 53,000 inhabitants of the region.

A well for the 5,000 inhabitants of Salabwek, Kenya

In 2006, 90% of the inhabitants of Salabwek, a village in Kenya’s Masai Mara region, did not have access to safe drinking water. Mothers and children needed to walk an entire day to fill a 20L bottle with water from the contaminated Mara River. SVQF and its partner, Free The Children, provided Salabwek with a rain harvesting system that funneled the rain into a storage tank connected to a pump sanitizing the water.

Over time, the demand for a consistent source of safe water has grown due to the region’s 2-year drought and an expanded population with greater health awareness. In response, SVQF has provided $50,000 for the construction of a well that will be dug deeper than traditional water wells to ensure safe water for Salabwek’s people for years to come.

Featured at CGI

The fifth annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting screened a short documentary on SVQF’s community development work in Salabwek, Kenya.
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A documentary team member’s experience in Salabwek, Kenya

An excerpt from a letter sent to Sanam Quraishi by a member of the Columbia University Students of the World team, which immersed itself in the daily life of Salabwek’s residents while documenting the impact of SVQF’s community development project:
Throughout my time in Salabwek I felt truly privileged to have the role as team interviewer. It was through those interactions that the stunning and compelling evidence of your impact was conveyed. . . . continued

President Bill Clinton on SVQF’s work in Kenya

President Bill Clinton’s Summation and Closing Address at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting … continued